Welcome to the Truss Plate Institute:

The Truss Plate Institute's mission is " maintain the truss industry on a sound engineering basis...". To accomplish its mission, TPI establishes methods of design and construction for trusses in accordance with the American National Standards Institute's accredited consensus procedures for coordination and development of American National Standards in addition to providing a Quality Assurance Inspection Program and by contributing its expertise in other technical areas. Learn more about TPI's ongoing contributions to the industry and its offerings by visiting other areas of our site.

...Technical Assistance
TPI's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Staff solve industry problems. Highly respected TAC members (P.E.'s) are leaders in the truss industry, specializing in plate and truss design engineering. TPI membership or participation in the in-plant quality assurance inspection program helps keep you abreast of the latest technical changes.

Temporary bracing recommendations and criteria for the safe handling and erection of wood trusses are available for re-dissemination to truss installers. Also, special articles, truss safety/specialty tags, reprints and promotional materials help truss manufacturers with their business.

...Standards Development
ANSI/TPI 1-2007 is the latest voluntary truss design criteria for the metal plate connected wood truss industry. TPI's truss design and construction standards are developed in accordance with recognized consensus procedures promulgated by the American National Standards Institute. Members and non-members are invited to participate in TPI's ANSI accredited standards writing activities. Increased understanding of product performance leads to expanded markets.

...Steel Verification Program
TPI provides a voluntary steel verification program for metal connector plate manufacturers to assure that metal connector plates used in wood truss construction are manufactured exclusively from structural grade ASTM A924 coil steel. The program is open to members and non-members

...Quality Assurance
TPI provides a voluntary in-plant quality assurance inspection service to wood truss manufacturers which helps them meet certain model building code requirements and/or design specifications.

...Code & Industry Liaison
TPI code liaison staff promotes product acceptance with the major model building codes (BOCA, CABO, FHA/HUD, ICBO, SBCCI, WI DIHLR, S. FL Codes). Our industry liaison is with the... American Forest & Paper Association, American National Standards Institute, American Society for Testing and Materials, Forest Products Society, Southern Forest Products Association, Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, U.S.D.A. Forest Products Laboratory, Western Wood Products Association, and WTCA ...representing the Structural Buildings Component Industry.


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