Board & Committees

TPI Board of Directors

The TPI Board of Directors is made up of one representative of each of the Plate Manufacturer Members and regularly meets twice per year as per its Bylaws. TPI's Board of Directors regularly meets and coordinates activities with members of the Structural Building Components Association's (SBCA) Board and Councils to advance the industry.

TPI Technical Advisory Committee

The TPI Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of professional engineers from the plate manufacturer members of TPI as well as representatives from other areas of the truss industry. TAC regularly meets to solve industry issues related to the design and engineering of trusses and TAC members also regularly participate on other industry committees such as SBCA's Engineering and Technology Committee.

Project Committees & Task Groups

TPI TAC and the TPI Board of Directors establish Project Committees and Task Groups to address specific issues important to the industry. Project Committees and Task Groups typically have a finite task and once the task is complete the Project Committee or Task Group is dismissed. Project Committees typically are specifically formed for the development or reaffirmation of an ANSI consensus standard, while Task Groups address other issues not requiring the more formal ANSI consensus process.