TPI 2 Project Committee Overview

The TPI 2 Project Committee (PC) is currently developing a new standard which is building on the TPI 2-2002 standard (released as a non-mandatory Appendix-E to ANSI/TPI 1-2007) to reflect the current advances made within the industry.

TPI 2 PC Scope

The standard will provide procedures for testing & evaluating wood trusses designed & fabricated with metal connector plates. Destructive load tests of full scale trusses in accordance with these procedures provide a means of demonstrating that minimum adequate performance is obtainable from specific metal connector plates, various lumber types and grades, a particular truss design, particular fabrication procedures, etc..

Additional TPI 2 PC scope clarification/project information:

  1. To provide procedures for testing and evaluating individual wood trusses designed and manufactured with metal connector plates.

  2. To provide test procedures for full scale individual truss testing and small scale truss segment testing to improve upon the metal plate connected wood truss design methodology.

  3. Areas to be included are:

    • Validation testing

    • Testing designs not in conformance with TPI 1

    • Special Loading/Research/Lawsuit testing.

The PC operates in accordance with the TPI Project Committee Method to Achieve Consensus (PCMAC).

Project Status - ON HOLD

The first Public Review of the draft TPI 2-201X standard closed on August 11, 2014. Following the close of that Public Review, the TPI 2 project was put on hold.