Voluntary Steel Verification Program

TPI has established a Voluntary Steel Verification Program where participating plate manufacturers must maintain records of their acquisition and disposition of structural grade steel used in the manufacture of metal connector plates for engineered wood trusses. Participating plate manufacturers must regularly submit reports to TPI assessing a plate manufacturer's compliance. This program is open to all plate manufacturers, both member and non-member. Please see the information below for more detail on TPI's Voluntary Steel Verification Program.  For those interested in participating in TPI's Voluntary Steel Verification Program please contact TPI.  Click here for a Steel Verification Participant Listing.

Program Details

Each plate manufacturer shall request an Auditor regularly audit the plate manufacturer's accounting procedures to confirm that the metal connector plates for engineered wood trusses were manufactured in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the model building codes, ANSI/TPI 1 National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction and exclusively from mill certified structural grade steel meeting ASTM A653 and ASTM A924 (formerly ASTM A446) specifications or, in the case of stainless steel, the appropriate specifications.

The audit shall begin at the same time, or as soon afterward as will be deemed necessary, to enable it to meet the timetable below:

  • 1st Quarter - Report Due June 1
  • 2nd Quarter - Report Due September 1
  • 3rd Quarter - Report Due December 1
  • 4th Quarter - Report Due March 1

Following completion of its audit the Auditor shall submit a written report to the Institute stating whether or not in its opinion and based upon its audit of such records, the metal connector plates for engineered wood trusses manufactured by its client were in compliance with TPI and model code criteria.

For succeeding quarters, the Auditor shall submit similar written reports as to whether its client is meeting the requirements outlined above, no later than 60 days after the end of each quarter.

The Voluntary Steel Verification Program is available to all plate manufacturers.  TPI Plate Manufacturer members may participate at no charge as a benefit of TPI membership.  All others may participate at the non-member service fee which is currently $2,000 per year and payable in advance.