Proposed "Standard for Testing Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses " Open for Public Review & Comment.

The Truss Plate Institute (TPI) announced today the opening of a Public Review & Comment
period for the draft BSR/TPI 2-201X “Standard for Testing Metal Plate Connected Wood
Trusses” (See Press Release). The Public Review & Comment period is open until August 11, 2014.

TPI began the process of developing the new TPI 2 standard in March of 2009 with the formation of a Project Committee representing a cross section of the industry. This standard is a replacement for the former ANSI/TPI 2-1995 standard. The draft, now open for Public Review, is the culmination of the Project Committee’s efforts.

Comments are being solicited to ensure that the views of all interested parties have been given full consideration. The draft BSR/TPI 2-201X provides procedures for testing & evaluating wood trusses designed & fabricated with metal connector plates. Destructive load tests of full scale trusses in accordance with these procedures provide a means of demonstrating that minimum adequate performance is obtainable from specific metal connector plates, various lumber types and grades, a particular truss design, particular fabrication procedures, etc.

Those wishing to participate in the Public Review of the draft BSR/TPI 2-201X standard should
visit TPI’s web site ( ) or contact the Truss Plate Institute at 703-
683-1010 for further information.

Copies of the draft BSR/TPI 2-201X, are available as a free download at TPI’s web site . Printed copies of the list of revisions to the TPI 1-2007 standard
are available for $20 each plus tax, shipping & handling (prepaid by check or money order) and can be ordered directly from TPI at 218 North Lee Street, Suite 312; Alexandria, VA 22314,
(703) 683-1010.