TPI InitiativE

Maintain the Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Industry as a Viable, Credible, & Safe Engineering Solution based on Sound Engineering Principles

Since 1961, TPI has been keeping the industry on a sound engineering basis through publishing and maintaining industry standards for the design and construction of metal plate connected wood trusses (ANSI/TPI 1). TPI is continuing with this tradition as the steward of the TPI 1 Standard. As part of the ANSI procedures, TPI is required to begin a reaffirmation or update to the Standard every five years. The first step will be to form a balanced Project Committee (PC) from interested parties to look at any potential updates or enhancements. The PC makeup will consist of Users, Producers, and those with a General Interest in the metal plate connected wood truss industry. Any suggested modifications to TPI 1 which are accompanied with supporting rationale are welcome.

What are the next steps?

Work on this initiative should start in 2019. Participation in this initiative will be through PC membership (though the size of the committee will be limited) and may also include corresponding reviewers, PC workgroup participants or public reviewers of draft documents developed by the PC. If you are interested in participating in this activity, have any suggested changes or enhancements or just want to be kept informed just let us know by clicking on the button below. Once signed up and as the initiative gets underway TPI will contact you with further information on the TPI 1 update initiative.

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