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The core activities of TPI member companies is in providing engineering related services & solutions, technological solutions, and manufacturing machinery and equipment solutions to the component manufacturing industry. To better represent the expertise and focus of TPI member companies, TPI is embarking on a series of three initiatives. Two of the initiatives are rooted in TPIs foundation of sound engineering while a new initiative will address an industry need that affects our members , their customers and the industry. The three initiatives are as listed below along with links to more details on each of the initiatives. A sign up form is also available for those interested in participating or being kept informed about the initiatives.

  • Cross-Platform Initiative (CPI) - improve cross-platform communication and collaboration between software and machinery.

  • Floor Truss Initiative - improve efficiency in floor truss design (Learn More)

  • TPI 1 Maintenance Initiative - maintain the metal plate connected wood truss industry as a viable, credible, and safe engineering solution based on sound engineering principles (Learn More)

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I - Cross Platform Communication Initiative - What is your level of interest in the initiative to "Improve Cross Platform Communication & Collaboration between Software & Machinery"?
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II - Floor Truss Initiative - What is your level of interest in the initiative to "Improve Efficiency in Floor Truss Design"?
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III - TPI 1 Maintenance Initiative - What is your level of interest in the initiative to "Maintain the Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Industry as a Viable, Credible, & Safe Engineering Solution based on Sound Engineering Principles"?
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