TPI Cross-Platform Initiative (CPI)

Improving Cross-Platform Communication & Collaboration between Software & Machinery

This initiative is addressing the need for more efficient and timely communication between manufacturing equipment and truss design and management software. This enhanced level of software/machine interface currently under development will afford component manufacturers greater flexibility for investing in technology solutions. The mission for the initiative is to “develop the necessary best practices, and guidelines that will enable more efficient data exchange between equipment for the component manufacturing industry.” Specific solutions to the problem are being developed by a cross-section of key stakeholders, including software and equipment suppliers, component manufacturers and any others interested in bringing a higher level of software and equipment integration to our industry. The goal for the resulting solutions is that they will be effective and efficient, relatively easy to implement and will be mutually beneficial for suppliers and their customers.

An initial step in this initiative has been the creation of a Repository which contains the data requirements, file format specifications, etc. required by various equipment suppliers and will alleviate the current lack of a common knowledge-base of interface definitions for equipment and software within the component manufacturing industry. The Repository also serves as a building block and resource for the ongoing work on universal file formats which are also part of the Cross-Platform Initiative. The Repository is currently open to any registered supplier. Those suppliers that are interested in becoming registered with TPI and willing to share their equipment file formats, etc. through the Repository can sign up via the Sign Me Up link listed below.

In addition to the Repository, a draft concept document describing the units of work that would communicate with equipment using a Uniform Data Standard as its foundation has been created. A Workgroup of registered Suppliers is now beginning further development and fleshing out of the concept and developing examples of specific file outputs for some of the equipment types such as saws and tables. This work effort is ongoing and updates on this initiative are being provided in the Cross-Platform Initiative Blog at the link listed below.

The membership of TPI continues to be aligned and eager to continue the work of this critical initiative. We encourage suppliers and others to join us in this collaboration by signing up below.

Together we will bring a greater level of technology innovation and flexibility to our industry.

For updates on this initiative see the
Cross-Platform Initiative Blog

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