TPI Initiative

Improve Cross Platform Communication & Collaboration between Software & Machinery

This initiative will address the need for more efficient and timely communication between manufacturing equipment and truss design and management software. This enhanced level of software/machine interface will afford component manufacturers greater flexibility for investing in technology solutions. A draft mission for this initiative is to “develop the necessary best practices, and guidelines that will enable more efficient data exchange between equipment for the component manufacturing industry.” Specific solutions to the problem will be developed by a cross section of key stakeholders, including software and equipment suppliers, component manufactures and any others interested in bringing a higher level of software and equipment integration to our industry. The goal for the resulting solutions is that they will be effective and efficient, relatively easy to implement and will be mutually beneficial for suppliers and their customers.

What are the next steps?

TPI will assemble a group of interested suppliers, component manufacturers and industry partners to develop project methodology, scope, timelines and deliverables. Our goal is to recruit and install this team by December 2018 so that we can begin work in earnest in the early part of 2019.

The membership of TPI is aligned and eager to begin work on this critical initiative. We encourage any interested party to join us in this collaboration by signing up below. Once the working team has been identified, TPI will contact participants with information on initial meeting dates and locations and preliminary agenda items.

Together we will bring a greater level of technology innovation and flexibility to our industry.

For updates on this initiative see the
Cross-Platform Initiative Blog

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