The Workgroup of registered suppliers continues to work on the longer-term goal of Universal File Formats as part of the Cross-Platform Initiative. A first draft along with examples of specific file formats has been prepared and distributed to the Workgroup for their review and discussion. The draft file format is focused on the primary goal of the CPI which is to improve communication between software and equipment. On 09/16/19 the Workgroup met via conference call where a draft format, currently identified as the Unified Machinery File Format, was introduced to the group. The Workgroup will be reviewing the file format further and is planning a follow-up conference call on 09/30/19 to finalize any known issues with the format. After that conference call, the Workgroup will begin final development of the format with a target date for Alpha testing sometime in December 2019.

The current schedule for the development of the file format(s) is as follows:

  • September 2019 - A draft of the fleshed-out concept and file outputs will be available at the beginning of September for review by the Workgroup. – Completed

  • September – December 2019 – Ongoing development, review, and refinement of the format(s) by the Workgroup.

  • December 2019 - Begin Alpha testing by year-end 2019.