The Cross-Platform Initiative (CPI) Workgroup 2 meet on 07/17/19 to continue discussion and development of the Universal File Format (UFF) and provide any updates that might be needed to the Repository.

The beta version of the Repository (v0.01) which was under review by the Workgroup 2 members is now under review by the larger registered supplier group. Input and feedback from the larger supplier group is targeted to be completed by the first part of August 2019. After that time any necessary adjustments will be made to the Repository and the Repository will be made available to any other interested suppliers that register with TPI.

Regarding work on a UFF, the Workgroup reviewed a draft concept document describing the units of work that would communicate with equipment using the Uniform Data Standard as its foundation. The Workgroup is now beginning further development and fleshing out of the concept and developing examples of specific file outputs for some of the equipment types such as saws and tables.