The Cross-Platform Initiative (CPI) Workgroup 2 has been meeting to continue the work on the Repository and determining the next steps necessary to develop a foundation for a universal file format.

A beta version of the Repository (v0.01) has been released to the Workgroup 2 for their review and comment along with a companion Slack Workspace (TeamCPI) for the Workgroup’s use. The Workgroup will be reviewing the Repository for completeness and correctness of the data. Currently, the Repository contains equipment and file format information from the 9 equipment manufacturers on the Workgroup as listed below.

  • Alpine

  • Enventek

  • Hundegger

  • MiTek

  • SL-Laser

  • Spida Machinery

  • Trussmatic

  • Vekta

  • Virtek Vision International

Once the Workgroup review is complete, additional information from other registered CPI suppliers will be solicited. The target for completion is by June 2019.

The Workgroup also has been determining the next steps for the development of a universal file format (UFF). They have been evaluating a BTLx format which has been developed and maintained by 3 organizations which share information about the BTLx format on the design2machine.com website. The Workgroup has determined that the BTLx format is not best suited for use for the component manufacturing industry and determined that it would be best to build on the Uniform Data Standard, developed by SBCA.

The next step for the Workgroup on the development of a UFF is to begin drafting a document describing the units of work that would communicate with equipment using the Uniform Data Standard as its foundation. Once the draft document has been completed it will be used to begin the development of specific file outputs for some of the equipment types such as saws and tables.

The Workgroup is scheduled to meet on 07/21/19 to continue the discussion and development of the UFF and provide any updates that might be needed to the Repository.