The Cross-Platform Initiative (CPI) Workgroup 2 met via conference call on 05/21/19 to continue work on the Repository and begin discussions on the steps necessary to develop a foundation for a universal file format.

The Repository is still in development and contains the beginnings of the data requirements, file format specifications, etc. required by various equipment suppliers. Based on comments received during the meeting, the Repository is being updated and additional data from equipment suppliers is being input into the Repository. The target for completion of the first iteration of the Repository is June 2019.

The Workgroup also began discussions on outlining the steps for developing a foundation for a universal file format. The group considered a number of existing formats as possible foundations, in whole or in part, for a universal file format. The Uniform Data Standard (UDS), developed by SBCA, was considered as a potential foundation for a universal file format or formats but possibly being converted, at some point, into an XML format. The workgroup will be evaluating the UDS further over the next few weeks and are scheduled to continue the discussion on this topic at the next Workgroup 2 meeting scheduled for 06/04/19.