The Cross-Platform Initiative (CPI) Workgroup 2 met via conference call on 04/30/19 to begin the further definition of the Repository concept and begin assembling the data requirements from suppliers as had been discussed at the 04/17/19 CPI Supplier meeting. The Repository will allow for some more immediate plug-n-play solutions while also serving as a building block and resource for the work on universal file formats.

While the Repository will help address some issues today, the Workgroup also discussed that there is also a need to begin addressing the longer-term development of a universal file format. The Workgroup determined that, if possible, it would be best to build a universal file format off of existing formats and that the builds of a universal file format will most likely be in incremental steps. The Workgroup noted that while a universal file format will be an improvement it will not be a “magic bullet” and solve all plug-n-play issues from the start. There will continue to be a need to support legacy file formats because older equipment will continue to be used in the component manufacturing marketplace. A universal file format will be another format that suppliers, software developers, and component manufacturers will need to support and use in addition to earlier formats. The Workgroup will begin looking at existing formats as well as the SBCA Uniform Data Standard to determine if existing work efforts and formats can be used as a foundation for a universal file format.

An upcoming target milestone date for the Initiative is to have the first version of the Repository available in June 2019 in addition to having a more definitive outline of the steps necessary to develop a foundation for a universal file format.