The Cross-Platform Initiative (CPI) Workgroup met via conference call on 03/26/19 to review a draft of the information needs for laser equipment and to discuss the applicability of a universal file format such as the SBCA Uniform File Format to accommodate those needs. The Workgroup generally felt that a universal file format could accommodate the laser data needs but had concerns with how it might address batching of information and in particular all the nuances necessary for saw equipment. The next steps are to gather additional data needs from the other supplier companies and in particular, the saw equipment manufactures while also beginning to look into and better defining the batching needs of various pieces of manufacturing equipment. TPI staff and various members of the Workgroup will be working to that end and will be reaching out to the other CPI supplier members for their equipment requirements in preparation of the next meeting of the larger CPI Supplier group which will be sometime in mid-April.