Cross-Platform Initiative - Draft Scope and Workgroup Established

Eleven (11) supplier company representatives met via conference call on 02/12/19 to further discuss the initiative and to work on defining a project methodology, scope, timeline, and potential deliverables for the initiative. A draft scope statement was reviewed and a workgroup of seven (7) supplier representatives was formed. The workgroup will begin refining “what” information/data needs are to be exchanged between software and equipment in order to achieve the “plug-n-play” capabilities for equipment. The workgroup is scheduled to meet March 5, 2019 and, in the meantime, they will be reviewing the SBCA Uniform Data Standard (V1.0) to see if it will appropriately address the issue of achieving the “plug-n-play” capabilities. The workgroup also will be exploring other ideas regarding equipment and software cross-platform communication needs and solutions. Future meetings will be determined after the March 2019 meeting of the workgroup.