The Workgroup of registered suppliers met on 09/30/19 via conference call to discuss, in detail, the Unified Machinery File Format (UMFF) draft. The draft file format is focused on the primary goal of the CPI which is to improve communication between software and equipment used in production. As an outcome from the meeting adjustments and modifications to the draft UMFF are needed. An updated draft of the UMFF is scheduled for the week of 10/07/19 with a follow-up conference call with the Workgroup on 10/15/19 to finalize the specification for the format. After the 10/15/19 conference call work then will begin on readying example files following the UMFF for use in the Alpha testing phase of the initiative.

The current schedule regarding the development of the file format(s) is as follows:

  • Completed Milestones

    • September 2019 - A draft of the fleshed-out concept and file outputs will be available at the beginning of September for review by the Workgroup. – Completed

    • 09/30/19 – CPI Workgroup conference call to review comments on draft UMFF specification - Completed

  • Upcoming Milestones

    • Week of 10/07/19 - Update of UMFF specifications based on meeting comments distributed to CPI Workgroup.

    • 10/15/19 – CPI Workgroup conference call to approve the specifications of UMFF.

    • October – December 2019 – Finalize UMFF for Alpha testing (3 – 4 months after approval of specification).

    • January – February 2020 – Begin Alpha testing of UMFF.