Cross-Platform Initiative - Meetings Underway

TPI member company representatives met via conference call on 01/18/19 to begin the process of gaining a common understanding of a project methodology, scope, timeline, and potential deliverables. This meeting focused primarily on defining a draft scope for a project that has a goal of achieving a “plug-n-play” capability for component manufacturing equipment and software while meeting the business needs and protecting the Intellectual Property (IP) of all participants. Another conference call is planned with the larger supplier group on 02/12/19 where further discussion and refinement of the initiative scope will take place. Also during the 02/12/19 conference call the group will discuss, if time permits, the project methodology and potential deliverables such as the work of the SBCA- IT committee and any other issues raised by the equipment suppliers. It is hoped that following the call on 02/12/19 that further discussion with an even larger group that will include interested component manufacturers will begin.