Third Party Quality Assurance Program Application

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Third Party Quality Assurance Program Application

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Sign up for TPI's third party Quality Assurance Program for wood and steel truss manufacturers and let TPI help with your quality control and quality assurance needs.  It's simple, meets building code requirements and can enhance your quality image and market potential.  Plants in good standing receive regular visits and audit reports, use of the nationally recognized TPI Mark, certification letters on request and discounts on publications. If you have multiple plants your secondary plants receive discount pricing.

(*Select your plant type below: A "secondary" plant is a plant of the same company as the "primary" plant but at a different location.)

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Participate in TPI's accredited third party Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is built around the requirements that are outlined in the ANSI/TPI 1 standard which is referenced in the current building codes.  The program includes an initial audit and up to 4 visits/year by TPI agents to review, audit, and inspect your in-plant Quality Control program.  Multi-plant discounts are available as outlined below.

  • Single Plant Participation: $325 billed quarterly ($1,300 per year).
  • Multiple Plant Participation: $325 billed quarterly for the primary plant location and $285 billed quarterly for additional plant locations ($1,300 & $1,140 per year respectively).

Let an informed, independent partner dedicated to the truss industry help with your company's quality control & quality assurance needs and sign up today! 

Once you have added the QAP service to your cart you will be prompted to complete a brief application prior to check out.  After receipt of your application and associated fees we will provide you with additional information to help with your in-plant quality control and quality assurance needs and begin our ongoing audit/inspection services.  Order your QAP service now and start realizing the benefits today. We look forward to working with you.

(Note:  QAP services are currently only offered to US and Canadian plants.)