Bracing, Handling & Safety Guidelines

In the interest of public safety the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) formally published its first bracing recommendations in 1976 ("Bracing Wood Trusses: Commentary and Recommendations" - BWT-76) due to the apparent lack of knowledge of how, when, and where to install adequate bracing.  Since that time TPI has published additional guides and tools to aid those involved in the bracing and handling of trusses including BCSI publications (BCSI Summary Sheets, Jobsite Packages, Truss Tags) as well as Design Specifications for Temporary Bracing as outlined further below.

Related TPI/SBCA Publications

Building Component Safety Information (BCSI)

   View a PDF of this document.  NOTE: This file is large (approx. 12 MB) and may take extra time to download.

View a PDF of this document. NOTE: This file is large (approx. 12 MB) and may take extra time to download.

  • BCSI - Guide to Good Practice for Installing, Restraining & Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses - the current edition of BCSI is the truss industry's new and improved guide for jobsite safety and truss performance. It includes guidance on:
    • Long span truss installation
    • Hip set assembly and bracing
    • Hoisting and placement of truss bundles
    • Design and installation of permanent restraint/bracing/reinforcement for trusses and individual truss members
    • Toe-nailed connections for attaching trusses at bearing locations
    • Highlights fall protection requirements under OSHA's new standards
    • Design responsibility information and structural building component terminology correspond with the 2007 edition of ANSI/TPI 1.
    • And much more!
  • Now Available BCSI-Canada!  - The Canadian revisions to BCSI from TPIC includes:
    • Canadian references,
    • Installation tolerances changed to align with local practices,
    • Design related tables consistent with Canadian design standards, and
    • Floor truss lateral bracing matching current Canadian practice.
 BCSI Summary Sheets

BCSI Summary Sheets

  • BCSI Summary Sheets - condensed versions of each of the chapters of the BCSI book.  Focusing on key issues related to handling, installing and bracing components, Summary Sheets are ideal for:
    • Jobsite Packages
    • Handouts for educational presentations
    • Project meetings


 Job Site Packages

Job Site Packages

  • Jobsite Packages - economical packages include key handling and installation information.  Jobsite Packages allow component manufacturers to provide their customers with best practice information regarding handling and installing components with every jobsite delivery. This economical, pre-assembled package consists of key TPI/SBCA products in a zippered plastic bag.
 Truss Tags

Truss Tags

  • Truss Tags - inform installers of key items important to individual truss installation.

(Note:  BCSI, Summary Sheets, Jobsite Packages and Truss Tags are jointly produced by TPI and SBCA.  SBCA is the sole distributor of the documents and orders will be placed directly with SBCA via the SBCA website or by phone at 608-274-4849.)

Current Related TPI Publications


 DSB 89: Recommended Design Specifications for Temporary Bracing of MPCWT

DSB 89: Recommended Design Specifications for Temporary Bracing of MPCWT

  • Recommended Design Specification for Temporary Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses - A specification developed primarily for technical audiences such as engineers and architects of record and truss design engineers. The specification covers the determination of temporary bracing requirements for symmetrical dual pitched triangular, mono pitched triangular, scissors, and 2x4/2x6 parallel chord metal plate connected wood trusses spaced four feet on center or less. Includes a supplement with temporary bracing tables for use in lieu of specific design analysis for a particular metal plate connected wood truss installation system. (135 pages)